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Best Floors For Your Pets

What are the best floors for pets

dog sitting on luxury vinyl plank flooring in kitchen


It's no surprise that homeowners these days are looking for flooring options that not only look spectacular but can also withstand the playful nature of their favorite pets. A home with pets is definitely a happy home, as long as it can survive the scratches and stains that may come from our lovable dogs and cats. When it comes to the best floors for pets, Carpet One has pet-friendly flooring that will capture the design you want, with the performance to endure your favorite creatures.


Hardwood Flooring


When we think of flooring that will provide extreme durability, hardwood flooring is almost always the first choice that comes to mind. With beauty, strength and durability, wood floors are designed to withstand years of use. However, one of the keys to selecting flooring for dogs will be to find a product with enhanced technology designed to resist scratches from their active claws. The Invincible Hardwood Collection presents an excellent choice thanks to multiple engineering advancements. It starts with Intensity Surface Shield™ created with infused layers of aluminum oxide to provide maximum scratch, scuff, and wear resistance. Another savvy idea for selecting hardwood options for dogs? Pick an option with enhanced visual texture so that any accidents or marks will not stand out: The Invincible Collection also features customized Tru-Grain™ sealant to heighten the detailing and grain of the natural wood appearance.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring



If your pets will spend a lot of time in the kitchen, which is where we often keep the food and water bowls, it makes perfect sense to find a water-resistant flooring option that can provide the look you desire. Invincible™ H2O™ Luxury Vinyl not only gives homeowners high-end, handcrafted designer looks and easy clean-up, but offers a unique flooring system that locks out liquid and a ceramic-fused finish perfect for a home with pets. For added piece of mind, H2O™ Luxury Vinyl comes with a lifetime protection warranty for wear, fade, stain, gauges, dents and more. Not to mention, luxury vinyl floors are softer underfoot and offer a great price point like cork flooring.



For those who cherish the supreme durability and bold style found in flooring types such as wood, bamboo flooring and natural stone, Invincible XT™ Luxury Vinyl Solidcore will present a great option to design a home suitable for pets. This vinyl plank is the thickest available, with extra-long and wide wood-look plank options that help you create exceptional realism. While the Invincible Intensity SurfaceShield™ provides the most durable finish available, 3D Protective Backing will lend waterproof protection, sound absorption and antimicrobial advantages. It’s never been easier to create a bedroom that you can enjoy with your pets worry-free.



Tile Flooring



While stone tile and tile flooring are durable and easy to clean, they also don’t offer the comfort and warmth underfoot that humans and pets alike will love.



Carpet Flooring



At first thought, perhaps carpet doesn’t seem like a good choice for a home with pets. However, modern advancements have produced pet-friendly, soft carpet options that are better suited for life with animals! There’s no reason to hold back enjoying beautiful carpet with your pets and having the peace of mind that the soft, plush pile will survive everyday living.



What Is The Best Carpet For Pets?



Although carpeting will require more diligent, timely upkeep than most hard surface options, you and your pets can cherish a soft surface with minimal stress. Texture wise, a carpet that features a woven design without loops will present less of an opportunity to get snagged by pet nails. Choosing a trusted brand like LEES® featuring Ultra25 will give you greater peace of mind with reliable stain protection and ultra-durable construction backed by a 25 Year “No Exclusions” Warranty. Ultra25® protection runs all the way through the carpet fiber to repel pet accidents 4x longer than traditional stain protection. Plus, Lees patented ExtraLoc® has double the density of standard carpet construction to resist crushing and provide resiliency after your pets are done snuggling and snoozing on it.


If you have multiple pets and want extreme protection in bedrooms or living rooms with carpet, find a brand that is engineered specifically for complete, permanent stain prevention. Innovia Xtreme Clean™ features permanent pet-friendly technology designed specifically to deny pet accidents from absorbing into the fiber, preventing pet-related odors to ever form. Also, each fiber is encased in a spill and soil repellent shield to improve cleaning up pet hair and dander. There are additional steps you can take no matter what carpet you choose that will make life easier.


Here are some helpful tips to live comfortably on carpet with your pets:


  1. Keep nails and claws trim to avoid scratches.
  2. Brush your cats and dogs regularly to reduce pet dander.
  3. Invest in the appropriate effective vacuum cleaner for your specific carpet type.
  4. Vacuum your carpet regularly, at minimum every week.
  5. Make sure your pets are house-trained first, before allowing them to spend time in rooms that have carpet.


The fact of the matter is, we love our pets and typically want them nearby whenever we are home. Whether you love hardwood, LVT, carpet or any other flooring option, choose the best fit for your home, your budget, and of course, your pets. The perfect combination will keep everyone happy and keep your home looking fantastic.



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